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Aman Security Training

SIRA in Dubai has recently opened a new Aman Security Training centre.  The centre is designed to specifically assist SIRA with the training of Security Services Providers & End Users, in accordance with the legal requirements of the security industry in Dubai.

Our Objectives

  • To develop and approve training curricula and supervise training and testing processes for security service providers
  • To support the security industry authority and enable them to carry out their tasks by providing them with the latest theoretical and technical skills and knowledge
  • To contribute to setting the best standards and good practices required for the security industry
  • To provide technical training and consultations to develop the technology sector of the private security.
  • To hold local conferences, seminars and exhibitions as well as participating in regional and international security events.
  • To raise the security awareness amongst the public, and cementing the principal of “security is the responsibility of all the society”.



To assist in developing and provide professional support to the security industry in Dubai.


Employing the highest international standards to enhance the performance and upgrade the skills of the security personnel, thus increasing their efficiency and professionalism.

Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA)

SIRA is a governmental body responsible for the regulation and supervision of the security industry in Dubai. SIRA is an acronym for “Security Industry Regulatory Agency”.

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    I have been working in different Emirates for the last three and a half years in the VSS field. After coming back to Dubai and I had no idea about many of the camera functions.
    Thanks to Dr. Mark who never gave just short answers but he always went into details and even used to ask if we understood that correctly. Thank you SIRA for this course. Now I am more confident about my knowledge in VSS.

    Muhammad Umar Muhib Ali

  • "

    Amazing learning facility. Mr. Sandy is as professional as ever. Environment is serene. Would be back for more courses as regards the security world!

    Kehinde Adewale Olaniran

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    I love to come here again for a different course and also the behavior and the hospitality of this examination center is outstanding as always.

    Muhammad Abu Baker Jahanzaib

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    This training centre one of the best training centre in Dubai

    Rameez Up Rehman Fazal Ur Rehman

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    The best ever training that brings trainees to understanding beyond the expectation. The trainers are so amazing and not boring. Great thanks to Mr Sandy, his training
    session was full of fun and more awareness, and as well great thanks to all the designers of the security topics.

    Fred Kabega