22 Nov 2021
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Al Bayan Newspaper
Training 23,000+ Recruits of Private Security in Dubai
Source: Dubai- Mariam al- Marzouki
Date: January 09, 2018

Dubai’s Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA) has trained 23.119 recruits after they passed practical and theory tests organized by the Aman Security Training Centre which was established by SIRA last July as mentioned by the Center’s manager, Mr. Ahmed Ismail, who said that the recruits have gone through various practical and theory tests that ensured their competence in security aspects and the development of their behavioral efficiencies.

Mr. Ismail added, “Last July, SIRA established the Aman Security Training Centre which aims at training and qualifying private security personnel in the Emirate to equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills.”


Mr. Ismail also explained that the Center focuses on providing studies and technical consultations as well as the development of behavioral and leadership efficiencies of security inspectors and supervisors not to mention enabling female cadres and empowering the role of women in the security sector. He added that the Center has received an international accreditation from City and Guilds of London Institute; an organization concerned with professional and theoretical training.

Further, he stated that training is divided into theoretical and practical subtypes in which all recruited security personnel go through theory tests, in Arabic and English alike, which are based on a smart system in accordance with the vision of the rightly guided leadership for transforming Dubai into a smart city, and he explained that tests correction and data transference to officials are done via the smart system.

Furthermore, he added that the second subtype of the tests is based on the practical aspect including the physical fitness of recruits and the acquired technical skills in civil defense which in turn enable the recruit to get a license for working in the security sector in the Emirate.

The Center also relies on approaches based on international standards and rules depending generally on the expertise and experiences offered by the Dubai Police General Command which has effectively contributed to its development and providing the training cadres besides the contribution of the Civil Defense and the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services.


The manager of the Security Cadre Training Center referred that the total number of trainees and examined recruits in the center since its inception last July reached 23.119 recruits in security in addition to other tests and courses in which engineers, technicians, security guards, supervisors and others have participated.

He pointed out that, during last year, the Center purchased 150 fire extinguishers of different types using the LPG (an environment-friendly and pollution-resistant device) operating in accordance with international standards. “More than 2000 trainees were trained in preventive fire safety tasks during the same period,” he explained.

Mr. Ismail said that the Center has so far trained 2024 trainees in first aid tasks in 2017. The Center provided the necessary devices and equipment for use in the field of first aid training such as, training dolls, defibrillators, bandages, etc.

The Security Industry Regulation Agency (SIRA) has been established in 2016 in line with the Dubai Strategic Plan 2021 launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, may God guide him on the right path, and in recognition of the leadership vision for making Dubai a preferred place to live and work, which fulfills the aspirations of citizens, residents, and visitors; a vision that is considered an extension of running Dubai Police’s protection systems.

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