Fitness Test

Test 1 (Beep Test):

  • The candidate has to run, starting from the red line for a distance up to 20 meter to reach the finishing red line. Then as soon as you hear the beep, you need to run back to the starting point. This has to be carried out until the trainer stops the candidate.
  • The candidate is given 3 chances to reach the red line on time, otherwise the candidate is considered that it has failed to pass the test.
  • 7 (MALE) / 3.1 (FEMALE) is the level required to PASS this test.
  • NOTE: Passing this test is COMPULSORY to continue the next fitness levels.

Test 2 (Horizontal Jump Test):

  • The candidate after succeeding the running test, he/she will commence to the jump test where they have to jump a minimum distance of 1.8 meter (MALE) / 1.6 meter (FEMALE).
  • The candidate is provided with TWO chances to achieve this. If the candidate does not PASS this test, the candidate can still move onto the next Fitness Level 3.

Test 3 (Sled Push Test):

  • The candidate then commences to the Sled PUSH test, where the he/she pushes the wheel weight of 30kg within 4 seconds (MALE) / 15kg within 5 seconds (FEMALE), for a distance of 10

Test 4 (Sled Pull Test):

  • The candidate then commences to the Sled PULL test, where he/she pulls the wheel weight of 30kg within 6 seconds (MALE) / 15kg within 7 seconds (FEMALE) for a distance of 10 meter.

Test 5 (Sprinting Test):

  • If the candidate fails in one of these three tests; Level 2; Level 3 or Level 4, this test gives a last chance to take a final test, which is a fast run of 35 meters in 6 seconds (MALE) / 35 meters in 8 seconds (FEMALE).


list Course Facts

Visit us at Aman Security Training office with the following requirements:

  • Application Form
  • Proof of payment (Original Bank Receipt / Current Dated Cheque / Debit Card / Credit Card / Cash)
  • 1 Color Passport size photo
  • 1 Passport copy or Emirates ID copy in color
Course Fee
AED 100 for the trainee
Course Language
English / Arabic