About Us


SIRA is a governmental body responsible for the regulation and supervision of security industry in Dubai. SIRA is an acronym for “Security Industry Regulatory Agency” and came into existence under Dubai’s Law Number 12 of 2016. The agency took over the responsibilities of Department of Protective Systems (DPS) of Dubai Police. SIRA is vested with the power to set general policies for Dubai’s security industry. It also sets the specifications and standards that companies must comply with, to get installation approval.


SIRA in Dubai has recently opened a new “Security Cadre Training Centre” (SCTC).  The centre is designed to specifically assist SIRA with the training of Security Service Providers & End Users, in relation to the requirements of the security industry in Dubai.


Rehabilitate, develop and support the security systems to make Dubai a secure and a safer city.


Promote the performance and competence of security sector staff by provision of modern and professional scientific programs conforming to the highest international standards.


  • Prepare and approve training curricula, supervise training processes and recruit the applicants to security services.
  • Support security entities and enable them to perform their duties in terms of providing them with the state of the art theoretical and technical skills, know-how.
  • Contribute to setting of the highest specifications, standards and requirements pertaining to security field.
  • Provide technical studies and consultancies in order to develop the private security sector.
  • Hold and participate in conferences and exhibitions along with regional and international organizations for exchange of expertise and know-how.
  • Boost the public awareness on the importance of the security services and their efficiency in maintaining the public security.